[KI-LC] PRIORITY!! Q3 Quarterly Reports due from WG / DG leadership ASAP

Anna Ticktin annaticktin at me.com
Fri Nov 4 14:13:07 EDT 2011

Hello All—

This note serves as a reminder that each group's quarterly reports is due to the LC asap. It seems reports were due no by 21 October 2011. As the new PM for the LC, I take responsibility in overlooking this deadline as I was transitioning into the role and focussed on the F2F. (Gold stars to UMA for getting their report in and posted!!!) 

Noting the above, I'm happy to help group leadership where needed to expedite getting these reports completed and posted to the wiki.

For a review:

Kind regards.
—> Anna Ticktin

       Technical Program Coordinator
       anna at kantarainitiative.org
       anna at ieee-isto.org

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