[KI-LC] Join us for a UMA Webinar, Dec. 14, 2011 at 10am PT

Dervla O'Reilly dervlaoreilly at me.com
Wed Dec 7 17:44:07 EST 2011

“What is UMA and why do we need it?”

In a nutshell, User-Managed Access (UMA) is…

A web protocol that lets you conveniently control who gets access to all your online stuff, no matter where it lives and no matter whether you’re online at the moment
A Work Group of the Kantara Initiative that is free for anyone to join and contribute to
A set of draft specifications that is free for anyone to implement

UMA is needed by…

Individuals, to give them a “personal data concierge” that handles requests for access to their online data, content, and services
Websites, to enable them to offer sophisticated data-sharing features to their users without having to implement those features natively
Online identity providers, to offer their users the ability to set access policies from a single place even if those users engage with dozens or hundreds of sites and apps on a regular basis
This webinar will…

Discuss real-life use cases for UMA
Demonstrate UMA implementations
Review UMA’s architecture and its relationship to the OAuth and OpenID Connect specifications
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UMA WG details

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