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Thank you Mikaël for this excellent summary.  The LC is taking budget
requests now and will be discussing budget items over the next couple of
weeks. * Is there a hard dead line we must meet in order to secure space at
FOSDEM?*  Please advise so that we can try to get confirmation aligned with
that deadline.

Personally this sounds like it could be a great event for Open Source and

Best Regards,


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On Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 4:01 PM, Mikaël Ates <mates at entrouvert.com> wrote:

> Dear Leadership Council,
> One of the task of the OSSI WG is the "Cross promotion of works and
> technologies in the scope of KI to other OS communities especially in OS
> and free software events".
> This week I've proposed to the workgroup to organize an "Open source
> saml2 implementations interop event" at the Fosdem conference
> (http://fosdem.org/2011/) in february in Belgium. The FOSDEM conference
> is a main event for open source and free software.
> The interop event would last one day focused on:
>    - a SAML2 presentation
>    - a presentation of a demonstration scenario, that may be based on
> the eGov2.0 profile
>    - presentations of the softwares implied: language, structure, etc.
>    - demonstration of interoperability: set up the CoT, show profiles,
> etc.
>    - invite people in the assistance to deploy one of the software on
> their laptop, or their own implementations, and connect to the CoT
> Such an event would contribute to three objectives of the work group
> listed in the charter:
>    - Initiate the bridge between the Kantara Initiative and the open
> source actors
>    - Promote the propagation of standards with open source software
>    - Be a transversal workgroup into Kantara Initiative to collect
> information and redistribute information
> In summary the process of organizing that event is:
>   0- poll interested people of the WG (at least 3)
>   1- ask the green light from the KI LC
>   2- write an abstract
>   3- contact the FOSDEM board
>   4- define the scenario and technical details
>   5- tests
>   6- coordinate with the FOSDEM logistics team
>   7- make it happen
> The step 0 has been reached. Sampo with ZXID, Linagora with LemonLDAP,
> Rainer Hörbe with ? and Entr'ouvert with Authentic/LASSO are candidates.
> In the next days, we'll try to convince other people: Scott Cantor or a
> Shibboleth integrator, Uninett (SimpleSAMLPHP), ForgeRock (OpenSSO),
> etc.
> Then, the following step is to ask to the leadership council its
> aggreement for this event that would be set-up in the name of the
> Kantara Initiative Open Source Support Initiative Work Group.
> If the LC accept, I'll then contact the FOSDEM board. FOSDEM is an event
> organized by voluntaries and free for all the participants. However,
> donations are accepted. Then I wish also ask to the KI a budget
> allocation for the OSSI Workgroup. With that budget, the OSSIWG might
> make a donation in the name of KI to the FOSDEM, 300~500€, that may also
> contribute to the acceptance of the event.
> Best regards,
> Mikaël Ates
> OSSIWG Chair
> Entr'ouvert
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