[KI-LC] Open source saml2 implementations interop event

Mikaël Ates mates at entrouvert.com
Wed Aug 31 16:01:31 EDT 2011

Dear Leadership Council,

One of the task of the OSSI WG is the "Cross promotion of works and
technologies in the scope of KI to other OS communities especially in OS
and free software events".

This week I've proposed to the workgroup to organize an "Open source
saml2 implementations interop event" at the Fosdem conference
(http://fosdem.org/2011/) in february in Belgium. The FOSDEM conference
is a main event for open source and free software.

The interop event would last one day focused on:
    - a SAML2 presentation
    - a presentation of a demonstration scenario, that may be based on
the eGov2.0 profile
    - presentations of the softwares implied: language, structure, etc.
    - demonstration of interoperability: set up the CoT, show profiles,
    - invite people in the assistance to deploy one of the software on
their laptop, or their own implementations, and connect to the CoT

Such an event would contribute to three objectives of the work group
listed in the charter:
    - Initiate the bridge between the Kantara Initiative and the open
source actors
    - Promote the propagation of standards with open source software
    - Be a transversal workgroup into Kantara Initiative to collect
information and redistribute information

In summary the process of organizing that event is:
   0- poll interested people of the WG (at least 3)
   1- ask the green light from the KI LC
   2- write an abstract
   3- contact the FOSDEM board
   4- define the scenario and technical details
   5- tests
   6- coordinate with the FOSDEM logistics team
   7- make it happen

The step 0 has been reached. Sampo with ZXID, Linagora with LemonLDAP,
Rainer Hörbe with ? and Entr'ouvert with Authentic/LASSO are candidates.
In the next days, we'll try to convince other people: Scott Cantor or a
Shibboleth integrator, Uninett (SimpleSAMLPHP), ForgeRock (OpenSSO),

Then, the following step is to ask to the leadership council its
aggreement for this event that would be set-up in the name of the
Kantara Initiative Open Source Support Initiative Work Group.

If the LC accept, I'll then contact the FOSDEM board. FOSDEM is an event
organized by voluntaries and free for all the participants. However,
donations are accepted. Then I wish also ask to the KI a budget
allocation for the OSSI Workgroup. With that budget, the OSSIWG might
make a donation in the name of KI to the FOSDEM, 300~500€, that may also
contribute to the acceptance of the event.

Best regards,

Mikaël Ates

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