[KI-LC] On the QT: Any info on the whereabouts of....

Colin Wallis colin_wallis at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 2 23:17:24 EDT 2011

...Vivek Kundra?

NZ Gov is mulling over the notion of having another Identity Conference (in April next year). Eve will remember the last one..:-)
And Vivek's name came up as a speaker..
Any idea how to approach him? Do any of you know him personally? Or know someone I would know who knows him? Would he be OK with a direct approach, or is he the type of guy that is best engaged through an intermediary? (or his promo agency perhaps).  He's got a fellowship at Harvard, right? Potentially easier to grab as a speaker than someone in the private sector..or not??  Would Mike McClure be the favourite front runner..or ...will there even be a replacement? 
And while thinking about that the other 'name' they want me to pursue is Bruce Schneier...but I think he might be a bit pricey for us..:-) 
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