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I don't mean to burden you with responsibility for answering this note,
since you are merely the dutiful messenger, but have a two questions
regarding past-due reports.

First, having already failed to submit reports for past quarters, I am
unsure how to generate membership for them.  I can go to the wiki and find
current membership (voting and non-voting, etc.).  But I am unclear how to
reconstruct figures to cover past quarters.  In fact, I suspect that this
particular reporting task might be something that could automated by the KI
staff, since they are the ones who process the Group Participation
Agreements and update voting status.

I am also unclear how past quarterly reports prove to be of any value.  I
recognize that a criterion for continuing acknowledgment and support by KI
is to submit reports demonstrating our vitality.  But, as long as our most
recent report has been submitted to demonstrate that we are "alive and
kicking," I am unsure how the submission of past reports benefits anyone.
In fact, a group may have been dormant for several months, but if it is now
vital, I see no reason to devalue its current activity level because of past
dormancy.  This view may be the result of my own myopia, but I would be
pleased to have someone else provide me with the spectacles of a solid

Thank you.


On Sun, Nov 28, 2010 at 11:01 AM, Eve Maler <eve at xmlgrrl.com> wrote:

> Hi leaders-- It's especially important that you complete your overdue
> quarterly reports before the end of the year because this is a key tool for
> assessing group activity/viability.  (And you'll have a new quarterly report
> to complete come January, so you can think of this as practice. :-)
> Here is a list of missing reports.  If you're missing any, it would be
> ideal to fill in AT LEAST any missing reports from 2010 at this point.  I
> will be sending a reminder about 2010-Q4 reports at the appropriate time,
> but this will be your LAST REQUEST from me for overdue reports from 2009 and
> 2010.
>  Consumer ID: 2009-Q4, 2010-Q1
>  IAWG: 2009-Q4, 2010-Q1, 2010-Q2, 2010-Q3
>  ID-WSF Evo: 2009-Q3, 2009-Q4, 2010-Q1, 2010-Q2, 2010-Q3
>  Japan WG: 2010-Q1, 2010-Q3
>  P3WG: 2009-Q3, 2009-Q4, 2010-Q1, 2010-Q2
>  Healthcare: 2009-Q4, 2010-Q1, 2010-Q2, 2010-Q3
>  eGov: 2009-Q4, 2010-Q1, 2010-Q3
>  ULX: 2009-Q4, 2010-Q1, 2010-Q2, 2010-Q3
>  Telco: 2009-Q4, 2010-Q1, 2010-Q2, 2010-Q3
>  Fed Interop: 2010-Q2, 2010-Q3
>  Info Sharing: 2009-Q4, 2010-Q1, 2010-Q2, 2010-Q3
>  Other groups not listed: all reports missing
> I've freshened up the quarterly report template, and added some new
> instructions to it.  You can find it here:
> http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/LC/Quarterly+Report+Template
> For your convenience, I've pasted the template markup below.  If you wish,
> you can fill it in and just mail me your completed overdue reports, and I
> will put them on the site in the correct place with the correct page title.
>  If your ability to locate some information has timed out (e.g., group email
> list subscription numbers for particular dates in the past are not archived
> in a meaningful way), just fill in what you can. If you need any assistance
> at all, don't hesitate to ping me.
> Thanks!
>        Eve
>        Your humble LC secretary
> {info:title=Template for submitting quarterly group reports to the LC}
> To create a group report, log in to the wiki, click on "Add Child Page"
> while visiting the Quarterly Reports page; title your new page "YYYY-Qn
> Report - GROUP NAME" (for example, "2010-Q3 Report - Example WG"); and copy
> the markup from this template (select "View Wiki Markup" from the Tools menu
> on this template page) into the report page body. Instructions below are in
> parentheses and italics; delete them and this note before publishing. If you
> need assistance, ask the LC Secretary.
> {info}
> h2. 2010-Q3 Report - Example WG
> Date submitted: NN Mon YYYY
> Officer positions:
> * Chair: NAME
> * Vice-Chair: NAME
> * Co-Chairs: NAMES _(as alternative to Chair and Vice-Chair above)_
> * Secretary: NAME
> * Editor: NAME
> * ... _(etc.; indicate which positions are currently vacant)_
> Participation:
> * Total participants: NN
> ** Voting: NN
> ** Non-voting: NN
> * Total email list subscribers: NN
> Meetings:
> * Published meeting frequency: _(e.g. weekly telecons, every other week,
> etc.)_
> * Teleconferences held this quarter: NN
> ** Quorate teleconferences: NN
> * Physical meetings this quarter: NN
> ** Quorate physical meetings: NN
> Deliverables: _(e.g., revised or new; you can optionally list details in
> sub-bullets)_
> * Draft specifications produced this quarter: NN
> * Reports produced this quarter: NN
> Deadlines in the next quarter:
> * Expiration of group leadership positions: _(e.g. annual chair election)_
> * Deadlines listed in the group charter: _(e.g. duration expiration)_
> * Group-imposed deadlines: _(e.g. date by which a report was intended to be
> published)_
> Liaison activity updates:
> * _(e.g. any notable cross-group activity)_
> Other comments:
> * _(any free-form comments)_
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