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LC voting members, please submit your vote on the following motion to the LC list by noon PT on Friday, 3 December 2010. Approval of the motion requires a simple majority of those voting. You can check whether you're a voting member on the roster:


This is the first budget-related ballot; there will be more to come on this topic. It's important that we achieve quorum in our December 8 and December 22 calls in order to complete our 2011-budget-related duties, so please check your calendars for that now.

Approve the following set of Leadership Council recommendations to the Board of Trustees regarding 2011 budget allocations:

 *   For "ULX WG - Continue UX Mock-Up Development" request of $5000: Recommend allocation of the full amount.
 *   For "InfoSharing WG" request of $15,000: Recommend a guaranteed baseline of $5000, with up to an additional allocation of $10,000 available to match contributions dollar-for-dollar from outside sources.
 *   For "P3WG - A" request of $10,000: Recommend allocation of $2500.
 *   For "P3WG - B" request of $4000: Recommend allocation of $2500.
 *   For "P3WG - C" request of $4000: Recommend allocation of $2500.
 *   For "Healthcare Identity WG" request of $10,000: Recommend allocation of $10,000, with the following two conditions: John clarifies that incremental contributions can be matched.
    *   The 2010 budget allocation is successfully paid out.
    *   Kantara itself will match, dollar for dollar, amounts contributed by outside sources in 2011, up to $10,000 total.
 *   For "Japan WG - D" request of $8000: Recommend allocation of $2500 per event, for a total of $7500 for all three events.
 *   For "Federation Interoperability WG - A" request for $5000: Recommend allocation of $2500 per event, for a total of $5000 for two events.
 *   For "Federation Interop WG - B" request for $5000: Recommend allocation of the full amount.


__X_ YES

___ NO (please include rationale to facilitate resolution)



_WSF-Evo_____ (please supply LC affiliation)

Friday, 3 December 2010, noon Pacific time (time chart<http://timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?month=12&day=3&year=2010&hour=20&min=0&sec=0&p1=0&sort=2>).

Roundup of 2011 budget allocation requests: http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/LC/2011+Budget+Allocation+Requests
(see the subpages linked from this page for detail and discussion on each request)

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