[KI-LC] Draft notes of (non-quorate) LC telecon 2010-11-22

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Mon Nov 22 19:25:37 EST 2010

(Details for the next meeting on Dec 8 have been checked, double-checked, and re-re-checked!...)

Quorum is 7 of 12 as of November 10, 2010.


Fed Interop: represented by John Bradley
UMA: represented by Eve Maler
P3WG: represented by Jeff Stollman
BoT liaison: Colin Wallis
Healthcare: represented by Pete Palmer
eGov: represented by Colin Wallis

Dervla O'Reilly
Roll call for quorum determination (roster)
Quorum was not achieved.

Approval of LC telecon 2010-11-10 minutes
Deferred due to lack of quorum.

BoT status report
Consider filling open BoT liaison role with John B. (deferred)
Staff restructuring status (deferred)
Colin reports: The BoT met late last week. Don Thibeau, Scott David, and John B. joined the call to discuss the OIX membership agreement. The BoT proceeded to vote for approval to join OIX. Also, the treasurer explained the current financial situation. Income from members is somewhat soft; membership has been shifting to smaller members vs. larger. Revenue from assurance assessment hasn't ramped up yet. Special project funding is a direct drain on available cash. It was suggested that a membership drive would be a key element to remedy concerns.

Status on Telco ID WG request for LC approval of all-member ballot
A request was made for LC approval to proceed to an all-member ballot on Bridging IMS & Internet Identity white paper (version 1.1) + Disposition of Comments.

(The electronic ballot that was launched last week was incorrect in its particulars, and was withdrawn.)

Comments were received publicly and privately during the review period coming out of the Paris meeting, which it was felt were not sufficiently taken into consideration during the final editing. So the request has been withdrawn until some further minor editing can be done.

Status on charter acceptance for Business Cases for Trusted Federations DG
The LC secretary has accepted the charter and DG formation proposal for this new DG. So we will shortly have a new non-voting member at the table. Staff is currently creating a new mailing list and wiki area for this group.

Consider IAWG request for LC approval of all-member ballot on Federation Operator Guidelines (FOG), approved by the WG on 17 Nov 2010
There isn't a lot of urgency on this request. Our intent is to hold a vote on this matter on whatever call is subsequent to the LC receiving the document in question.

2011 budget planning
Consider recommendations of subteam on submitted allocation requests and determine LC recommendations
We can't make formal recommendations today without quorum. The BoT is meeting next on Thursday Dec 9, so getting as many recommendations to them as possible before then would be ideal. We treated this discussion as a "larger LC budget subteam" discussion. Eve will construct an electronic ballot on any items that achieve rough consensus on this call (marked with "YES" below). This will be done as a single motion.

For "ULX WG - Continue UX Mock-Up Development" request of $5000: Recommend allocation of the full amount. YES.
For "InfoSharing WG" request of $15,000: Recommend a guaranteed baseline of $5000, with up to an additional allocation of $10,000 available to match contributions dollar-for-dollar from outside sources. YES.
For "P3WG - A" request of $10,000: Do not recommend allocation of funding. The subteam's understanding was that this was an indivisible amount for sponsorship of an event, but Jeff has clarified that this is not the intent, and suggested that it would be appropriate to recommend the now-"standard" amount of $2500. YES to this revision. John notes, separately, that there is a P3WG panel opportunity at the upcoming IDtrust event.
For "P3WG - B" request of $4000: Recommend allocation of $2500. YES.
For "P3WG - C" request of $4000: Recommend allocation of $2500. YES.
For "Healthcare Identity WG" request of $10,000: Recommend allocation of $10,000, with the following two conditions: John clarifies that incremental contributions can be matched. YES.
The 2010 budget allocation is successfully paid out.
Kantara itself will match, dollar for dollar, amounts contributed by outside sources in 2011, up to $10,000 total.
For "Japan WG - D" request of $8000: Recommend allocation of $2500 per event, for a total of $7500 for all three events. YES.
For "Federation Interoperability WG - A" request for $5000: Recommend allocation of $2500 per event, for a total of $5000 for two events. YES.
For "Federation Interop WG - B" request for $5000: Recommend allocation of the full amount. YES.
The two big pending items are around Japan WG requests, where more input is needed from the group, and IAWG requests, where more information is needed from the Kantara director.

Discussion of privacy of review-period comments
Dervla had received some feedback on issues related to privacy of submitted comments during a document review period. This may or may not end up impacting the Operating Procedures. John notes that other similar organizations require comments to be made publicly, and typically need to be treated as contributed IP. We will discuss this more fully when we are quorate.

Next meeting
Date: Wednesday, December 8, 2010
Time: 9am PST | 12pm EST | 17:00 UTC (time chart)
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