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Eve Maler eve at xmlgrrl.com
Mon Nov 22 11:23:17 EST 2010

Folks-- The LC budget subteam met a couple of times last week and collected answers for many of the outstanding questions we'd had on budget allocation requests.  Below, we present to you our suggestions for what the LC may want to recommend upwards to the BoT in making allocations to WGs and DGs for 2011.  Subteam folks, if you see any errors, please let me know.

Talk to y'all later today!



Some general notes first:

- All the key information is in the wiki, on this page and the sub-pages linked from it; please refer to them during the meeting:


- We didn't quite collect enough firm answers to be able to make suggestions on a few of the requests, though we have "leanings" in those cases that we're prepared to discuss once we've made as many decisions as we can on items that are farther along.

- We found it useful to apply a standard allocation amount of $2500 for requests for event support, on the theory that it may or may not be enough, but outside funds or matching funds should be sought where the needs are higher, and this sets a consistent bar that groups can expect and deal with further ahead of time.

- People on the subteam recused themselves from the formulation of suggestions where they were directly involved in the formulation of the request.


Here is a summary of our suggestions, which may be suitable as candidate motions to be made in today's call if LC members are so inclined (assuming we make quorum, hope hope):

- For "ULX WG - Continue UX Mock-Up Development" request of $5000: Recommend allocation of the full amount.
- For "InfoSharing WG" request of $15,000: Recommend a guaranteed baseline of $5000, with up to an additional allocation of $10,000 available to match contributions dollar-for-dollar from outside sources.
- For "P3WG - A" request of $10,000: Do not recommend allocation of funding.
- For "P3WG - B" request of $4000: Recommend allocation of $2500.
- For "P3WG - C" request of $4000: Recommend allocation of $2500.
- For "Healthcare Identity WG" request of $10,000: Recommend allocation of $10,000, with the following two conditions:
  . The 2010 budget allocation is successfully paid out.
  . Kantara itself will match, dollar for dollar, amounts contributed by outside sources in 2011, up to $10,000 total.
- For "Japan WG - D" request of $8000: Recommend allocation of $2500 per event, for a total of $7500 for all three events.
- For "Federation Interoperability WG - A" request for $5000: Recommend allocation of $2500 per event, for a total of $5000 for two events.
- For "Federation Interop WG - B" request for $5000: Recommend allocation of the full amount.


The requests that are still pending more input are:

- Japan WG A, B, and C (not D)
- IAWG A, B, C, and D (all of them)

And, for completeness, recall that this one was retracted:

- P3WG D

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