[KI-LC] Request for additional topic/AOB: (RE: Agenda for LC telecon 2010-11-22 (special meeting time!))

John Bradley jbradley at mac.com
Sun Nov 21 18:48:07 EST 2010

I talked to Joni about that on Friday.

There are a couple of options on how to do it that she is researching.  

Joni are you prepared to bring that forward or do you need a bit more time?

I would prefer to have the options researched so that the LC can quickly understand the options.

John B.
On 2010-11-21, at 7:44 PM, Colin Wallis wrote:

> Thanks Eve
> I know it's a packed agenda but was hoping to add something into AOB or as a quick topic on its own - 'IRGs: suggested approach'.
> Folks may recall that in Paris, it was agreed to spin up 'special' groups whose purpose was for Kantara members to review draft documents put to it by other parties - ISO and NSTIC were examples. Such docs have confidentiality attached to them such that we cannot use the transparent Kantara wiki/mail list to review them and collectively work up comments.  To date we have stumbled around this by forming ad hoc closed groups of private email addresses, but it is not a sustainable model to continue with.
> So these need to be distinguished from WGs or DGs.  In many circles they are called IRGs (International Review Groups) and it would seem appropriate to adopt that nomenclature for them here in KI.
> KI already has similar confidentiality challenges with the ARB and IRB work, so you'll note that these are BoT sub committees. The proposal I would like to run past the LC, is that IRG's should be similarly formed, so they are at arms length to the core work that the WGs and DGs that the LC represents.  
> Hoping that the explanation above helps to minimise explanation time on the call (should the item make it onto the agenda).
> Cheers
> Colin
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> Subject: [KI-LC] Agenda for LC telecon 2010-11-22 (special meeting time!)
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> Date and Time
> Date: Monday, November 22, 2010
> Time: 9am PST | 12pm EST | 17:00 UTC (time chart)
> Skype +9900827043671716
> US Dial-In +1-201-793-9022 | Room Code: 3671716
> International numbers
> Agenda
> Roll call for quorum determination (roster)
> Approval of LC telecon 2010-11-10 minutes
> Action item review (AI roundup)
> Find volunteers for unassigned AIs
> BoT matters
> BoT status report
> Consider filling open BoT liaison role with John B.
> Staff restructuring status (defer to later in meeting?)
> WG/DG matters
> Status on Telco ID WG request for LC approval of all-member ballot on Bridging IMS & Internet Identity white paper (version 1.1) + Disposition of Comments
> Status on charter acceptance for Business Cases for Trusted Federations DG
> Consider IAWG request for LC approval of all-member ballot on Federation Operator Guidelines (FOG), approved by the WG on 17 Nov 2010
> 2011 budget planning
> Consider recommendations of subteam on submitted allocation requests and determine LC recommendations (link to come)
> Discussion of privacy of review-period comments
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