[KI-LC] Responses to LC Questions wrt HIAWG Funding Request

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Here are the answers to the questions the LC had to the HIAWG wrt Funding Request

Deliverables would be

1.       A high level business plan describing the project that would be geared towards potential sponsors/donors and participants

2.       Marketing Presentation Materials for Conferences and other meetings for showcasing the values of this pilot and the Kantara IAF and Certification Program

3.       Web site content and maintenance to support the project (e.g. news, blogs, and so on)


Is it safe to assume that the 2010 allocation will be spent out (such that it won't be needed in 2011)?

If funds are available in the 2010 budget, they would be used for marketing and fund raising for moving to Phase 2.

Is it likely that matching funds will be found for this work in 2011?


Is Phase 2 only for finding the funding for a Phase 3 to build it?

I think there is some confusion here. There is no Phase 3.  We have discussed Phase 1 being the project planning, design, and creating specifications.  Phase 2 is actually conducting the pilot and producing a report of our findings.  As a result of ongoing discussions and preparation we have identified the need to specifically identify at minimum a core group of pilot participants.  The project plan will be adapted to incorporate this as a milestone and an attempt will be made to address this need during the early work in Phase 1.  However, there is a strong likelihood that participants will not be willing or able to commit to participation in the pilot until the design is better defined.  As a consequence within the last few days we have discussed an addition to the plan Phase 1.5 which would be the identification of the pilot participants, and reviewing the environments where the pilot could be/would be conducted (e.g. MS HealthVault; Google Health; HIEs, Federal, State, and Local Government; and so on).  This Phase 1.5 will be implemented if needed to ensure completion of this task that will be required for the conduct of Phase 2.  The funds requested herein will help to support this effort and significantly raise the likelihood of success.

Is e-Citizen voting or non-voting participants of the WG?


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