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> LC voting members, please *submit your vote* on the following motion
> either to me directly or to the LC list as a whole. Approval of the motion
> requires a simple majority of those voting.
> *Motion:*
> Approve V1.1 of the Report "Bridging IMS and Internet Identity", submitted
> by the Telecommunications Identity Work Group on 21 Oct 2010.
> *Vote:*
> _X__ YES

*NOTE:  My YES vote is meant to signify the the LC has had the opportunity
to review the report, rather than a judgment of the report's quality or
technical adequacy.

As an issue of quality, I believe the the document requires additional copy
editing to clean up issues of tense and subject verb agreement common to
English-language documents authored by people who are not native
English-language speakers.  I personally believe that Kantara should provide
copy editing services for all formal documents (e.g., reports and
recommendations) published by KI or its work groups/discussion groups.  This
would provide a consistent level of quality of our outputs and prevent our
being viewed as amateurs.  While the report is not fatally flawed, I fear
that the quality of the current document may devalue the KI brand.

On the question of technical value, I would prefer not to reread the entire
document to see how the comments referenced in the "**Disposition of
Comments for a Draft Recommendation Review Period**," but I find the
responses listed in the matrix to be frustratingly sparse.  I would prefer
that each of the comments be addressed separately so that I could understand
which have resulted in changes and which have not.  (I also recognize that
this would require an additoinal hour or two of someone's valuable time.)*

___ NO *(please include rationale to facilitate resolution)*



_P3wg___ *(please supply member name and LC affiliation)*

Monday, 22 November 2010, noon Pacific time (time
Submission email:
V1.1 of the Report:
Disposition of previous comments:

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