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Bob Pinheiro kantara at bobpinheiro.com
Tue Nov 9 23:54:51 EST 2010

Several of the budget requests are for funds to write or update various 
reports, recommendations, or specifications of interest to the 
requesting WGs.  It's not clear in these proposals whether the WGs seek 
to hire outside contractors to perform the work, or whether it is 
intended that Kantara funds be allocated to specific WG participants.

As you may recall, considerable effort was expended earlier this year to 
define an external funding process to provide a way for WGs to secure 
funding when (a) Kantara cannot provide the funds, or (b) when funds are 
being requested specifically to support individual WG participants.  
This last point was needed because the Kantara policy (although not 
specifically stated in the Operating Procedures or Bylaws) is that, in 
general, the work necessary to generate WG deliverables is expected to 
be done by volunteer participants.

Specifically, that policy seems to be as follows:

    * As a general rule, the LC will not recommend to the BoT funding
      for a project where the funds are expected to go to a Participant
      of the WG seeking the funding.

    * If the WG receives funding for a project, and is unable to find a
      non-Participant to perform the work, after going through
      documented reasonable efforts to do so, the LC can be petitioned
      to allow the WG to spend the allocated funding on a Participant to
      do the funded work.

    * If a Participant is allowed to receive the funding for the work,
      the Participant must recuse him/herself from any votes within the
      WG relating to the funded work.

For those budget requests where it may be desired to allocate funds to 
participants, the rules apparently require that these WGs will later 
need to petition the LC to be able to allocate the funds to certain 
participants, after providing thorough documentation that no 
non-participants are available.

At least one case arose in 2010 in which Kantara funds were later 
allocated to a specific WG participant.  I think this suggests that, in 
many cases, it may be difficult to find an "outsider" unfamiliar with 
the WG's activities who could perform the task as well as a qualified 

My purpose here is not to reopen the discussion that lead to the need 
for an external funding policy, especially as it pertains to funding of 
individual WG participants.  I only wish to suggest that the LC might 
want to consider changing its position on this matter, in the following 

    * A WG seeking Kantara funds should state whether it believes any of
      the funds being requested may be needed to support the efforts of
      individual WG participants.   If that is the case, the funding
      request should not automatically be rejected, but should still be
      forwarded to the BoT subject to the same review that other
      proposals undergo.  As long as it is understood up front that some
      of the funds are to support specific WG participants, a WG should
      not need to get special permission later on from the LC to
      allocate those funds to specific participants.

Of course, WGs may always seek external funding if Kantara funds are not 

It seems reasonable to me that every WG desiring funds should be able to 
seek Kantara funds, even if some of the funds are intended to support 
individual participants.  It would then be up to the LC and/or BoT to 
approve, modify, or deny the request based on the merits of the funding 
proposal, available funds, etc.  External funding always remains a 
possibility for any WG that cannot secure Kantara funds to meet its needs.


On 11/9/2010 6:02 PM, J. Trent Adams wrote:
> All -
> NOTE: Please make note of the change in UTC.  The LC teleconference is
> being held at the traditional US times, but it will be at 17:00 UTC due
> to the time change in the US as indicated in the note from Anna. [1]
>      * Date: Wednesday, November 10, 2010
>      * Time: 9am PST | 12pm EST | 17:00 UTC [2]
>      * Teleconference Options:
>            o Skype: +9900827043671716
>            o US Dial-In: +1-201-793-9022 | Room Code: 3671716
> This should be an interesting call, so please make every effort to
> attend so we can achieve quorum.
> As 2010 is winding down, we need to finalize the budget planning for
> 2011 so please review the detailed budget requests and be prepared to
> discuss them in detail.  There are also some reports to review/accept
> (as well as some discussion about modifying the OP to be more
> report-friendly).
> Also, we hope to usher in the next 12 months with new leadership.
> Please join me in congratulating our new officers as Colin and I hand
> over the baton to John Bradley (Chair), Pete Palmer (Vice Chair), and
> Eve Maler (Secretary).
> The live agenda can be found on the wiki:
> http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/x/CYGvAg
> And as it stands, here's a snapshot:
>     1. Roll Call for Quorum Determination
>     2. Approval of prior meeting minutes
>           1. Review: Leadership Council Teleconference - 2010-10-13
> Minutes [3]
>           2. Review: Leadership Council Meeting - 2010-10-19 Notes [4]
>           3. Review: Leadership Council Teleconference - 2010-10-27 Notes [5]
>     3. LC Officer Election Results + Handover
>     4. 2011 Budget Planning:
>           1. Place a member on the Budget Planning Committee of the BoT
>           2. Review: Submitted Requests [6]
>           3. Submit Requests to the BoT BPC
>     5. Review Report Process in the OP
>     6. Consider Submitted Reports:
>           1. From InfoSharing WG
>                 1. Information Sharing Report [7]
>                 2. pRFP Engagement Model [8]
>           2. From Telco ID WG
>                 1. Bridging IMS&  Internet Identity white paper (version
> 1.1) [9] + Disposition of Comments [10]
>     7. AOB
> As you can see, the agenda is packed (and depending on how the budget
> discussion goes, we may want to explore an interim meeting next week to
> close it out).
> Thanks, and see you on Wednesday.
> Cheers,
> Trent

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