[KI-LC] AOB - Taking Notes During WG Meetings

RL 'Bob' Morgan rlmorgan at washington.edu
Wed Mar 31 15:18:17 EDT 2010

As folks may know I have been involved with the Internet2 Middleware 
Initiative (now morphing into an enlarged InCommon Federation activity) 
for 10 years or so.  Perhaps the most important thing the I2MI has done 
over those years to promote successful working groups is to supply them 
with so-called "flywheels".  These are Internet2/InCommon staff whose job 
it is to provide WGs with administrative support:  call reminders, nagging 
chairs about agendas, taking notes on calls, sending out notes and AIs, 
setting up PINs for calls, etc.  Believe me, it is a tremendous relief 
when a call is starting not to have to beg a bunch of busy technologists 
to take notes, and to know that the notes produced will be professional, 
in a relatively standard format, and timely.  In those cases where the 
flywheel can't make it to a call it is recorded, and the flywheel makes 
the time to listen to the recording and notate it just as if they had been 
on the call.  There can be a startup burden on the flywheels, who are not 
technical professionals, in dealing with concepts and acronyms and such. 
It helps to have a good working relationship with the WG chairs to get 
through this, and it doesn't take that long.

I think Internet2 has found that a flywheel can cover 6 or so WGs well 
while attending to "other duties as required".  I strongly recommend that 
KI consider allocating some resources in this direction.  I'd be happy to 
put people together for discussion if you'd like more details on how this 
works at Internet2.

  - RL "Bob"

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