[KI-LC] AOB - Taking Notes During WG Meetings

Bob Pinheiro kantara at bobpinheiro.com
Wed Mar 31 13:30:52 EDT 2010

What I wanted to bring up on today's LC call was the issue of taking 
notes during WG calls.  At least some of the WGs ask for volunteers to 
take notes during calls.  Usually the request is met with silence, 
because, frankly, having to take notes is a distraction to full 
participation in the call.

In the past, the topic of recording calls was  brought up, but was 
ultimately rejected.  I believe the idea was that calls would be 
recorded, and then posted publicly on the Kantara website for access by 
anyone wanting to listen.  Such a policy was rightly rejected, in my 
opinion, since some people might be hesitant about speaking or 
commenting about something, knowing their remarks would be made public.

What if, instead, calls could be recorded (with the permission of the WG 
participants), but not made public?  What if the mp3 of the call is 
given to the WG chair, who would then listen to the recording and write 
up meeting notes from the recording?  Afterwards, the mp3 would be 
deleted, and would never appear on the Kantara website.

So I'm just putting this on the table for discussion.  Could this be an 
alternative to having to ask for volunteers to take notes?  Or did the 
LC reject this possibility already?



Bob Pinheiro
Chair, Consumer Identity WG
kantara at bobpinheiro.com

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