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Roger Martin rjmartin99 at comcast.net
Wed Mar 31 08:55:30 EDT 2010


As you are aware, I have been looking at our staff resources and how to 
best use them for the good of all Kantara Initiative Members.

In Portland there was a decision by the BoT, based on a clearly 
predominant opinion of both Trustees and members, that we need to 
dedicate the necessary resources to redesign and upgrade the Kantara 
Initiative website to improve our external image and the ease of access, 
and in addition, to make it easier for our Members to find materials on 
our internal pages.

On yesterday's Marketing Committee call we discussed this project at 
length and came to the (perhaps obvious) conclusion that improvement of 
our online presence and how people access it is critical to the success 
of Kantara Initiative and needs to be made a high priority task.   I am 
in complete agreement with this conclusion and have asked Joni and 
Dervla to invest the time needed to get the first phase of this work 
done as quickly and expeditiously as possible.

However, coupled with the heavy workload both already have, will require 
us to retool how we support the WGs.  We began to reduce our level of 
direct support to the WGs last fall as part of the planning for the 
reduction in staff that occurred as we phased out Liberty Alliance.  In 
mid-February, I asked the staff to stop serving in the role of secretary 
and direct meeting support for the WGs.  I asked them to limit their 
time to those activities that they need to perform to help ensure the 
success of each Group and which cannot be performed by the Group 
itself.  While we had continued to provide some meeting support for some 
of the WGs on an occasional "emergency" basis, it will not be possible 
to continue to do so over the coming months as we focus our energies on 
the web site issues.

We will continue to provide the administrative support for the operation 
of each WG, but we will no longer be able to provide support for the 
services that the Group members should be able to perform (e.g., note 
taking and publishing minutes, creating and distributing meeting 
agendas, maintaining the attendance list, initiating/moderating the calls) .

I am willing to discuss this further with the LC if you want me to do so.

Roger Martin
(Interim) Executive Director, Kantara Initiative
mobile: 703-389-1547
email: rjmartin99 at comcast.net
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