[KI-LC] Kantara Support For A National Identity Verification Standard??

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If I'm not mistaken, OMB0404 only addresses the four assurance levels; 
it's NIST 800-63 that specifies criteria for identity proofing at the 
various assurance levels.  But that document was strictly intended only 
for US government relying parties.  There has been discussion in IAWG 
about how to do identity proofing when different jurisdictions are 
involved, so I guess there really is no standard.

I understand that the goal is to develop an ANSI standard for identity 
verification, but there may also be much international interest as 
well.  Whether that would translate into a further effort to develop 
some sort of international standard, I can't say.

An organization can be a Sponsor at a cost of $25K per year (with no 
obligation to actually participate in the development of any standard), 
or can be a participating member expected to contribute to the work 
effort.  For that level of commitment, I don't know if NASPO would 
consider KI to be a non-profit at $1000 per year, or a trade association 
at $3000 per year.

One of the motivations for this effort is the US government's (newly 
renamed) National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace.  It's 
hard to see how you can have a "trusted identity" online without some 
standardized way to verify someone's identity in the first place.  On 
the other hand, I can see where someone's "identity" may mean different 
things to different types of relying parties, which may also imply 
different trust frameworks for different "trust communities."


On 6/21/2010 6:23 PM, Colin Wallis wrote:
> Thanks Bob
> A couple of thoughts to start us off with..
> 1) Is there really no standard in the US for this?  For the NZ 
> government's Evidence of Identity standard, we relied heavily on the 
> US Gov's OMB M 04 04. I guess one could say that's not a standard but...
> 2) I can see how there is a gap, in the sense that the identity 
> proofing process in the IAF and indeed in the proposed ISO 29115 are 
> kind of deployment profiles of this standard, if it were manifested...
> 3) Given KI is a global organisation, are we comfortable that we are 
> not creating a precedent that will be impossible to continue with, 
> (the flip side being that there is a large US influence in the IAF and 
> 29115 so it is a worthy exception)
> 4) Without trying to pre-empt or pre judge any decision, is it your 
> sense that KI might want to participate as a non-profit at $1,000 per 
> annum?
> Cheers
> Colin
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> Verification Standard??
> As part of my efforts to determine whether there's any external 
> interest in the Consumer Identity WG's project plan, I recently spoke 
> with Tom Lockwood, who is one of the drivers of the government's 
> National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, and Graham 
> Whitehead of NASPO.  You may have seen the email and attached Call for 
> Participation from ANSI IDSP (below), announcing that NASPO is 
> commencing development of an American National Standard for Identity 
> Verification.
> The need for a standardized identity verification/proofing process is 
> well known, and Tom mentioned that several people associated with 
> Kantara (Brett, when he was ED, and Frank V. on behalf of IAWG) 
> expressed to him that Kantara supports such an effort.  Others as 
> well, in particular members of the financial services community, have 
> also expressed interest.
> However, the reality is that NASPO will not be able to pursue this 
> work unless it can secure adequate funding, and also recruit enough 
> "warm bodies" to actually participate in the effort.  Since there was 
> some expression of interest and support by Kantara 
> participants/members, I volunteered to find out whether this might 
> translate into financial support, and whether anyone representing 
> Kantara might want to participate in the actual development of the 
> identity verification standard.
> The attached Call for Participation describes the various levels of 
> financial support that is being requested.  I'd like to propose that 
> the question of whether Kantara can provide financial support for the 
> development of an identity verification standard by NASPO be submitted 
> to the Board of Trustees for their consideration.
> Although I'm specifically addressing possible financial support by 
> Kantara, NASPO would certainly be grateful for a commitment of 
> financial support and participation by any other organization as well, 
> including individual Kantara member organizations.
> As noted below, an initial meeting of those making a commitment to 
> this effort is planned for July 12-13 in Kansas City.  So if there is 
> any possibility that Kantara might be able to contribute to this 
> effort, the BoT should probably take up this matter fairly soon.
> Bob
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> ID-V Standard Kick-Off Meeting & Call for Participation
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> Wed, 16 Jun 2010 10:10:03 -0400
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> Dear IDSP participants,
> The purpose of this eMail is to let you know that a meeting to 
> commence development of a national identity verification standard will 
> take place on July 12 and 13, 2010 in Kansas City. The meeting will 
> start at 1:00pm on Monday July 12 and end on Tuesday July 13 at 
> 4:30pm. The meeting will be held in Pavilion 3 at the :-
> InterContinental Kansas City at the Plaza
> 401 Ward Parkway
> Kansas City, MO
> 64112
> A block of rooms has been reserved at the hotel for the nights Sunday, 
> July 11 through to Wednesday  July 14,  at a rate of $139.00 per night.
> To make your reservation please call toll free 866 856 9717 and 
> reference the NASPO rate (*NAS*), or you can book online at 
> www.kansascityic.com <http://www.kansascityic.com> 
> <_http://www.kansascityic.com <http://www.kansascityic.com/>_> and use 
> the code *NAS*.
> Hotel reservations should be made on or before *June 21, 2010* after 
> which time rooms will be released for general reservations.  More 
> information about the hotel can be found at_ __http//:www.kansascityic.com
> __
> _The required fee for participation in the development of this 
> standard is detailed in the attached "ID-V Call for 
> Participation"document. Individuals and organizations who wish to 
> participate in the development process and attend this first meeting, 
> must register to participate and commit to payment of the 
> participation fee in advance of attendance at the meeting. 
> Opportunities to benefit from the payment of  a sponsorship fee are 
> also detailed in the attachment.
> For further information please contact :-
> Ann Whitehead
> NASPO Administrator
> Tel: (604) 921-9196
> eMail: naspo at telus.net <outbind://54/naspo@telus.net>
> Best regards,
> Jim McCabe
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> New York, NY  10036  U.S.A.
> 1-212-642-8921; Fax: 1-212-840-2298
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