[KI-LC] P3WG budget request clarification

Robin Wilton futureidentity at fastmail.fm
Wed Sep 23 10:40:21 PDT 2009

Hi Trent -

As requested following the LC face-to-face meeting on Sept 14th.,
I have reviewed and revised the P3WG budget request as follows:

1 - Meetings hosted by member or stakeholder organisations

Notwithstanding the budget request below, the general goal for
P3WG is to encourage member and stakeholder organisations to help
us reduce costs by providing meeting facilities free of charge.
For instance, the Smart Card Alliance has recently offered not
only to host a Privacy and Public Policy meeting at its upcoming
conference in Washington DC, but also to cover the facilities
cost. This is the model we hope to follow for as many meetings as
possible above the minimum for which funding is requested below.

2 - Meetings co-located with existing conferences

There are distinct advantages to holding Privacy and Public
Policy sessions (i) in locations which reduce the obstacles to
policymaker participation, and (ii) co-located with relevant
conferences which bring together our target stakeholder
communities. In these cases, it is likely we would have to meet
the cost of providing facilities at the conference venue (room,
AV support, refreshments etc.).

I am happy to concur with the LC's assessment that a figure of
$1,000-$2,000 should suffice for meeting facilities should the WG
need to contribute towards these costs (for example, as is
currently the case for October's NetID conference). I recommend
planning on the following basis, bearing in mind that these plans
are partly dependent on Kantara itself finalising its plans for

One external-facing round-table/summit style meeting in each of
the US, Europe and Japan, to take place either in parallel with
Kantara's own plenaries, or co-located with another existing and
relevant event (example candidates are NetID, KCP's EID
conference, or stakeholder events such as STORK project meetings,
if our relationship with them permits).

Suggested budget: $4,000 to be allocated across all three

In the event a meeting is held in Japan, P3WG may make a
supplementary budget request to cover the costs of
translation/interpreter services if necessary.

This figure does not include the cost of attendance for
meeting/summit chairs or staff. I will submit a separate proposal
to the BoT to provide funding allowing the Kantara Director of
Privacy and Public Policy to attend, moderate and report on these
meetings on Kantara's behalf.

I appreciate that Kantara is finding its way through this
budgeting cycle for the first time, and with some uncertainty as
to the size of the pot which is or will be available - so I have
tried to structure P3WG's remit in such a way as to minimise cost
and capitalise on the goodwill of members/stakeholders. That
said, P3WG is unlikely to be able to produce work of value with
no funding at all, and I hope the LC will view this proposal as
modest and cost-effective.

With best wishes,

Robin Wilton
Chair - P3WG
Robin Wilton

Director, Future Identity
Director of Privacy and Public Policy, Liberty Alliance

+44 (0)705 005 2931
Structured consulting on digital identity, privacy and public policy
Future Identity is a limited company number 6777002, registered in England & Wales

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