[KI-LC] Call for a portable printer in Vegas

J. Trent Adams adams at isoc.org
Fri Sep 11 14:26:35 PDT 2009

Paul -

Where's your steampunk spirit?  I was thinking along the lines of having
the Babbage Engine shipped over from the Computer Museum.


Paul Madsen wrote:
> thumb drive & sneaker mail?
> J. Trent Adams wrote:
>> All -
>> Does anyone who is planning to attend the meeting in Vegas have access
>> to a portable printer they could bring?
>> Without Internet access (which we all remember to be cost prohibitive),
>> a printer might be the best way for the LC to output any formal requests
>> we'd like the BoT to consider (e.g. changes to the OP).
>> If not, perhaps we can get access to a hotel printer... or use the break
>> time to email output to the BoT.  Any other suggestions?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Trent

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