[KI-LC] WG reclassifications of participants as non-voting

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Now that *is* cool.


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Thank you!  Here's my attempt at a roster that makes the distinction:


I took the chance that most people won't bounce rapidly back and forth between the two statuses, and stuck some color formatting around each non-voting person's name so that determining quorum and doing roll call would be easy.


On 9 Sep 2009, at 3:08 PM, Dervla O'Reilly wrote:


As a starting point, I updated permissions for each Groups Participant Roster page so each Chair can make edits on that roster page.


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On Sep 9, 2009, at 7:04 AM, Eve Maler wrote:

Thank you very much!  I agree about the bottleneck problem, and had been wondering if the going-through-staff solution would scale. I think you need not implement the style changes (at least speaking for myself/UMA) unless you feel like it -- I'm happy to do the change myself. I just need the write access.


On 8 Sep 2009, at 11:26 PM, Joni Brennan wrote:
Hi Eve, Colin, (all)

Big thanks for your help and proactiveness in pulling this together!

Dervla and I can help from here.  For context one the roster page permissions - we felt it important to put controls there and on the charter.  The rest of the space is open for all to "play".  However in light of this note and change I think it would make good sense to give chairs individual permission to write on the rosters as well.  This wivould prevent staff resources from creating a possible bottle neck here, give the chair a bit more power (which is fair) and still retain control over the integrity of the page.  

Also, since all page rev's are logged we can always go back if we ever needed to check an edit historically speaking.  

I can commit to giving each of the chairs write access to their pages with in 24 hrs and we'll work to implement the style change across the board in 48.  



On Tue, Sep 8, 2009 at 2:57 PM, Eve Maler <eve at xmlgrrl.com> wrote:

This is an excellent point.  Unfortunately, chairs do not have write-privileges on the rosters for their groups, so the best I could do was arrange with the KI staff to edit the roster on my behalf within two business days of my request -- that's why my UMA roster may not show changes yet.

Part of my request was that ideally the resulting edits would be suitable for doing roll calls, but I hadn't been very explicit about this.  Turning the roster into a table like this would be pretty sensible (though I'd miss the numbered list format, which was useful for calculating quorum! -- maybe there's a suitable Confluence macro for counting the voting participants but not the non-voting ones?):

|| Participant || Affiliation || Date GPA signed || Voting status ||
| John Doe | FooCo, Inc. | somedate1 | Non-voting as of somedate2 |
| Jane Doe | BarCorp | somedate2 | Voting |

LCers and staffers, any comments on this?


On 8 Sep 2009, at 2:13 PM, Colin Wallis wrote:

Great work Eve

Excellent boilerplate.

One little nit though.. I expected that the link to the participant roster would take me to a modified page that has all the info you show ..plus a phrase like the SSTC uses..lost voting status on X date, gained voting status on Y date, so at a glance you can see who is eligible to vote.

Maybe it's too much work, but in the heat of the 'voting moment' you might have to manually work out who had not attended, who was on this call etc etc in order to work out who is eligible at this point in time.


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Subject: [KI-LC] WG reclassifications of participants as non-voting

Hello WG chairs,

In the UMA WG, I've just gone through the first instance of an
exercise that a lot of us (and our designated secretaries) will be
going through: reclassifying voting participants as non-voting due to
lack of attendance.  Maybe we can get a rhythm going to handle this in
the same way for all WGs.

My plan is to do this every Tuesday along with constructing my meeting
agenda, two days before the Thursday UMA calls, to give the KI staff
time to revise the UMA roster page.  Below you can see the boilerplate
message I've developed; please let me know if you see improvements
that can be made, or if I've gotten any procedural details wrong.

This time I had to do 13 reclassifications!  (The UMA group has held
five meetings; I could have done this sooner, but was still feeling my
way around the rules...)  Hopefully I'll have this under better
control in future.



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From: Eve Maler <eve at xmlgrrl.com>
Date: 8 September 2009 9:30:34 AM PDT
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Subject: UMA WG reclassification as non-voting participant

Dear @@NAME:

According to Section 3.7 of the Kantara operating procedures (http://is.gd/32ilF

"For the purpose of maintaining a reasonable ability to achieve
Quorum, any Participant in a WG who fails to attend two consecutive
meetings of the WG may, at the discretion of the Chair, be re-
classified as a non-voting member. Voting member status may be
reacquired by attending a meeting of the WG. In the case of an
electronic vote of the WG, if the electronic vote occurs while a
Participant is in non-voting status, the Participant may not vote in
that electronic vote."

As Chair of the UMA Work Group, I am classifying you as a non-voting
member because you have not attended the last two meetings (@@DATE1
and @@DATE2).  You can reinstate your voting privileges at any time
simply by attending a meeting, and can vote on any motion in that
meeting or in any electronic ballot started after that meeting.
(You may be reclassified as non-voting again in the future if you
stop attending.)

Whether as a voting participant or as a non-voting participant, you
retain mailing list posting privileges, and your continued input on
UMA work is welcomed.  Your current voting status will be recorded
on the UMA WG roster (http://is.gd/32iVw); changes may take up to
two business days to be reflected.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Best regards,

       UMA WG chair

Eve Maler
eve at xmlgrrl.com

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