[KI-LC] Mailing list "postability" reminder

Britta Glade britta at kantarainitiative.org
Wed Sep 9 10:10:02 PDT 2009

Hi all!  A quick reminder on how the mailing lists work.  Our lists are 100%
public--anyone can review them at any time by going into the archive that is
available on each group's page.  To post to the lists, however, and engage
in the conversation, individuals are required to sign the group
participation agreement (GPA).  This is our way to be sure that participants
are aware of and in agreement with the IP policy that covers the group.
When the GPA is signed, the individual is added to the participant roster
for that group (also available for viewing on each group page) and also
added to the mailing list (we automatically make sure that is taken care of
for you when you sign the GPA).

We have noticed a lot of list bounces of late and wanted to be sure all were
re-reminded of the policy.  We'd also absolutely encourage folks to post
items of cross-interest to this community list to reach a broad
cross-section of our members and participants.

Please let staff know if you have any questions.  Thanks.

Britta Glade Kantara Initiative 925-254-4233
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