[KI-LC] Kantara Initiative Budget Preparation Process - 2010 Budget

Kenji Takahashi takahashi.kenji at lab.ntt.co.jp
Tue Sep 8 23:32:11 PDT 2009

Dear BPC members,

Please find budget request from Japan WG below. 


Kantara Japan WG 2010 budget request (draft as of 8/31)

In order of priority,

A) Local PR retainer
   - FEE: $30K/year
       - Translate and push out of press releases
       - Media contact
       - General contact in Japan may be added and negociated
Notes: it must be considered as part of whole public relations for 
global outreach

B) Document Translation
   -FEE: $20K (10K x 2)
       - Documents translation into Japanese
Notes: for example, IAF SAC2 (150 pages/33000 words) is estimated to $8K

C) Local event support
   - FEE: $42K (38K + 2K*2)
       - An big annual event (38K) with two small seminars (each 2K)
       - depend on size and number of times
       - depend on interepreters (simultaneous 10K, sequential 2K)
       - depend on venue (can be minimized if KI F2F meeting is held in 
Notes: it must be considered as part of whole public events for global 

Roger Martin wrote:
> To: Individual Chairs of Kantara Initiative (via Leadership Council 
> mailing list)
> CC: Budget Preparation Committee (Ken, Brett, Trent)
> As the Chair of Budget Preparation Committee, based on the briefing 
> I've received from Brett McDowell and Colin Wallis regarding the 
> Leadership Council call this week, I concur with the guidance that 
> Brett provided to the chairs for how to approach crafting budget 
> requests. To reiterate and to highlight some key milestones, here is 
> the process we will follow in drafting the 2010 Kantara Initiative budget:
> 1) Chairs submit budget requests directly to the BPC as soon as 
> possible (send them to Brett since I am on vacation supposedly 
> starting three hours ago!)
> 2) *The deadline for submission is September 9th*, which leaves two 
> days for the BPC to prepare our materials for the Las Vegas meeting.
>     /note: if you don't get your submission in by September 9th, we
>     may still be able to consider your request up until the time the
>     final budget is approved, about November 1st.  That said, the
>     longer you wait the less opportunity you'll have to build support
>     for your proposal.  To help you meet this deadline, I encourage
>     you to make your proposals even without financial data.  If you
>     know what you want to achieve, but you don't know what it will
>     cost, submit your request anyway.  We can help put numbers to your
>     project plans./
> 3) In Las Vegas the BPC members on-site will facilitate a discussion 
> with the Leadership Council along the lines of "here's what we 
> anticipate being able to spend, here are the requests that have come 
> in, time to prioritize... what's most important to our mission in 2010".
> 4) Based on input from the Leadership Council in Las Vegas, the BPC 
> will prepare a budget for LC approval.  
> 5) The LC-approved budget will be submitted to the Board of Trustees 
> 6) The Board of Trustees will deliberate and fine-tune the budget, in 
> dialog with the Leadership Council.
> 7) The Board will vote on the budget by November 1st (a BPC 
> self-imposed deadline to support smooth operations as we transition 
> between 2009 and 2010). 
> Since I'm headed off on vacation, I won't be able to field any 
> questions before I return on September 9th.  I will leave it to Brett, 
> Trent, and Ken as BPC members to address your questions and guide you 
> through the process so we have some solid proposals to discuss in Las 
> Vegas.
> good luck,
>      roger martin
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