[KI-LC] UDVPI-WG Supplemental Budget Request

Salzberg, Kenneth M ken.salzberg at intel.com
Tue Sep 8 15:55:02 PDT 2009

In reading the proposal, there is one thing that stands out as a potential issue for me.
In the Exec Summary the following statement is made:
"The ultimate aim is to produce a statistically valid body or research available to
consortia partners that will enable product/ service design for those wishing to deploy
and engage with user-centric/ user-driven identities."
In the Kanatara benefit section it states:
"This project seeks to build and enable genuine thought leadership across technology,
business model, regulatory and user experience in the digital identity realm."

The issue I have is that I question the use of Kantara funds to drive development of member products and services, which does not seem appropriate to me.  This could certainly be a side benefit, but not the direct purpose.
I agree that the thought leadership is a worthy goal, but is a bit weak on its own.

What I would like to see is something that shows how this research will help drive/market work being done in one or more WGs.

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All -

I would like to ask everyone to make an attempt to attend tomorrow's
scheduled Leadership Council teleconference in order to achieve quorum.

During the call I would like to see if we can approve the supplemental
budget request that was put on the table last week by the UDVPI-WG.

I assume that everyone has had a chance to ask the necessary questions
during the past week, and it's important to try and close this out so
the work can begin.

Thanks in advance,

J. Trent Adams wrote:
> All -
> As you saw in the agenda for tomorrow's LC teleconference, Iain has
> submitted a Supplemental Budget Request for 2009 on behalf of the UDVPI-WG:
> http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/x/GQDTAQ
> This request is to help fund the preliminary phase of a proposed
> research project with the ultimate goal being to:
>     "produce a statistically valid body or research
>      available to consortia partners that will enable
>      product / service design for those wishing to
>      deploy and engage with user-centric / user-
>      driven identities."
> ISOC has independently allocated US$4,000 to help fund this initial
> phase, and the request is for an additional US$5,000 from Kantara.
> The following KI WGs have already expressed interest in the work:
>   * Privacy & Public Policy
>   * User Managed Access
>   * eGov
>   * Consumer Identity
> Unfortunately, Iain will not be able to attend the call tomorrow, so it
> would help if you could review the document in advance and send him (or
> reply to the list) with any immediate questions.  We can pick up the
> discussion on the call and see what we need to do from there, knowing
> that any questions requiring Iain will need to be deferred.
> Thanks,
> Trent

J. Trent Adams

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Internet Society

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