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Brett McDowell wrote:
> In prep for the first physical meeting of Kantara Initiative, I'd like
> to ask all the chairs to review the KI goals below and let me know
> what your WG or DG is doing or planning to do to support any of these
> goals in concrete terms.  I'm not suggesting we should have a ton of
> work done already being we just formed, but I do want to know what is
> on your horizon/roadmap that will be a concrete proposal to any of
> these stated goals.
> Thank you,
> Goals:
> * Accelerate marketplace adoption through clear messages, defined
> processes, and open community collaboration that brings vendors,
> deployers, individuals, and organizations together
As a point of reference, the goal of the Consumer Identity WG is to 
"foster the development of a consumer-friendly, privacy-protecting, high 
assurance 'identity layer' for the internet that enables consumers to 
fully exploit the potential of the internet without fear of identity 
theft."   As a first step towards this goal, we have proposed a number 
of use cases that capture the kinds of  functionality that may be needed 
to allow consumers to have better control over the use of their online 
identities.  However, while we will certainly strive to provide clear 
messages and defined processes in our WG's output,  and will take 
advantage of open community collaboration by encouraging involvement and 
contributions by WG participants, the reality is that it will take more 
than that to accelerate marketplace adoption of high assurance identity 
services to prevent consumer identity fraud.  The WG may be able to 
articulate potential solutions to the problem, but deployment of 
solutions in the marketplace will likely require changes to business 
practices by those providing identity-dependent services, and by those 
collecting various types of information about consumers.  And because 
greater consumer protections don't necessarily come about of their own 
accord, there may also be a need for stronger policy directives from the 
government.  We therefore hope to be able to work with others inside or 
outside the Kantara community who may be influential in helping to shape 
these business practices, as well as those plugged into public policy 

> * Bring together technical, business, legal, and policy experience to
> achieve holistic & trusted identity management solutions
The Consumer Identity WG currently has 22 members, as well as 36 mailing 
list subscribers.  However, it would be desirable to bring in even more 
participants, especially those knowledgeable about deployment of 
consumer identification and authentication technologies, as well as 
policy and usability experts who can provide insights into factors that 
impact consumer adoption of better security measures.  As such, we will 
seek to establish relationships with such persons, perhaps via a 
specific outreach effort to connect with individuals that the WG feels 
may be able to provide specific guidance on various topics of interest. 

> * Establish an open and democratic governance model with no financial
> barrier to participation
> * Implement an operational structure with nimble processes,
> procedures, and oversight, and a viable financial model
Regarding an operational structure for the WG, we have held two 
successful teleconferences, have attempted to hold a third but canceled 
it when only one other person showed up, and have not had any interest 
in the proposed fourth telecon.  This may be due to end-of-summer 
holidays or vacations, too many pressures in people's day jobs, or 
perhaps just a lack of interest in the proposed agenda.  In any case, we 
clearly need to establish an effective way for the WG participants to 
actively contribute.   Many people favor regular conference calls, but I 
don't necessarily subscribe to that approach if participation is 
consistently low.  Conducting most interactions via email is an option, 
but again the challenge is to engage participants to the fullest extent 
possible.    Devising an effective operational structure is something 
that we are still working on. 
> * Commit to open standards and encourage interoperable implementations
> from both the COTS product and open source development communities
We are not developing standards but support the use of open standards 
and interoperable implementations.  That said, it is important to note 
that various businesses that currently provide consumer solutions to the 
identity theft problem, or other identity services to consumers, may 
depend on having some sort of "special sauce" as part of their offering, 
to distinguish themselves from the competition.  Interoperable 
implementations and open standards need to be compatible with the 
ability of identity providers to be able to provide a perceived 
competitive advantage. 
> * Foster positive dialogue across all relevant organizations to assure
> coordination, harmonization, and re-use of all applicable open content
> (specs, policy, etc.)
It has been previously recognized that it is not always possible to have 
clear demarcations between the interests of the various WGs, and that 
collaboration between WGs may be desirable.   At this point, it seems 
that the best way to foster such collaboration is for individuals who 
are participants in multiple WGs to simply contribute to these different 
WGs as appropriate.  We will support whatever policy directive  Kantara 
develops on cross-WG collaboration. 
> * Establish programs with strong branding for technical and
> operational output to promote interoperability, compliance and/or
> conformance
> P.S.
> These goals are online here:
> http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/GI/Mission
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