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Thank you Eve for the quick, yet thorough response.  This is helpful.
 Especially your report about how the bridge you've been provisioned is
getting in the way of participation.
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On Fri, Sep 4, 2009 at 2:40 PM, Eve Maler <eve at xmlgrrl.com> wrote:

> Hi Brett-- Here's some commentary on what the UMA group is doing to try and
> achieve these goals, and notes on one area where you could consider our
> Kantara dashboard to be "yellow" vs. "green".  For reference, the UMA group
> page is here:
> http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/uma/Home
> On 4 Sep 2009, at 4:01 AM, Brett McDowell wrote:
>  In prep for the first physical meeting of Kantara Initiative, I'd like
>> to ask all the chairs to review the KI goals below and let me know
>> what your WG or DG is doing or planning to do to support any of these
>> goals in concrete terms.  I'm not suggesting we should have a ton of
>> work done already being we just formed, but I do want to know what is
>> on your horizon/roadmap that will be a concrete proposal to any of
>> these stated goals.
>> Thank you,
>> Goals:
>> * Accelerate marketplace adoption through clear messages, defined
>> processes, and open community collaboration that brings vendors,
>> deployers, individuals, and organizations together
> + Our charter states an explicit design principle of simplicity in support
> of Internet-wide adoption.
> + Our participation roster includes representatives of all of these
> constituencies.
> + Our group collateral is updated in timely fashion to help new
> participants get on board.
> + We went through an extremely rapid "process norming" phase and constantly
> re-evaluate process decisions that aren't working.
>  * Bring together technical, business, legal, and policy experience to
>> achieve holistic & trusted identity management solutions
> + While policy expression languages per se are explicitly outside our
> scope, we are engaging in liaison with appropriate parties that are working
> on them.
> + Various group members are keeping an eye on security and trust
> considerations in our fledgling design process.
>  * Establish an open and democratic governance model with no financial
>> barrier to participation
> + Our group welcomes all, and as chair I try to ensure that all who wish to
> speak have the chance.
> - HOWEVER: In practical terms, participants using Skype to dial in are
> experiencing such egregious problems that some, in effect, are prevent from
> participating in telecons (partially or fully).  This is a real barrier.  We
> are experimenting with offsetting our telecon times away from the top of the
> hour to see if this improves things.  No participants have been forthcoming
> with offers of higher-quality telecon bridges, either toll-free or
> caller-paid.
>  * Implement an operational structure with nimble processes,
>> procedures, and oversight, and a viable financial model
> + We are using an approach I have called "agile specification" (the desire
> for such is mentioned in our charter).  This involves parallelizing
> scenario, use case, issue, and requirement development with spec
> development.  It borrows some concepts from the true agile methodology while
> being appropriate for distributed work on protocols.  I can supply more
> information on request.
> + We are concluding discussions on budget requests for 2010, keeping in
> mind that volunteer effort is highly prized (and has been offered in
> abundance, for implementation efforts).
>  * Commit to open standards and encourage interoperable implementations
>> from both the COTS product and open source development communities
> + Our charter directly mentions a goal of modularization, and we have
> several active champions of this goal among our participants.
> + Our charter requires us to facilitate open-source development and
> multiple interoperable implementations, and we have several participants who
> have expressed interest in implementing.
>  * Foster positive dialogue across all relevant organizations to assure
>> coordination, harmonization, and re-use of all applicable open content
>> (specs, policy, etc.)
> + We are heavily dependent on the breadth of our participant population;
> many people are members of other relevant communities and have stepped
> forward to explain other technologies, pass along news, and offer additional
> connections.
>  * Establish programs with strong branding for technical and
>> operational output to promote interoperability, compliance and/or
>> conformance
> + We have begun discussing a plan for developing a protocol validator as a
> spur to adoption.  (If UMA becomes successful, it might be an interesting
> subject for formal interop testing.)
>> P.S.
>> These goals are online here:
>> http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/GI/Mission
>> Brett McDowell | http://info.brettmcdowell.com |
>> http://kantarainitiative.org
> I hope this helps!
>        Eve
> Eve Maler
> eve at xmlgrrl.com
> http://www.xmlgrrl.com/blog
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