[KI-LC] Early look at eGov's budget requirements

Colin Wallis Colin.Wallis at dia.govt.nz
Thu Sep 3 22:14:54 PDT 2009

Greetings all

Just to give you a heads up on ours, the early thoughts are that we won't have much.

Highest priority was our web SSO eGov Profile v2.0, we will need consultancy along the lines that DGI gave us for v1.5. for this we will need the staff's help to tell us how many $$ was spent on this. We'll need this $$ from November in time for DGI or whoever, to produce a strawman in December

Next in line was interest in supporting Ian's proposal..so a way that could be divided up is that, say, $1K could be attributable to eGov. This would be a September $$ request.

Lower priority was the ID-WSF eGov Profile (which needs the consent service being developed) but because no government beyond Denmark was intending to deploy it this year, it may be OK to hold off consultancy $$ til next year.

Last but not least was a request for some contingency $$ for consulting for internationalising the OpenID/Infocard profiling that the GSA has commenced. If we allowed the same as for web SSO eGov v1.5 that would be a good starting point.   And let's say December earliest for that.

Once the staff can tell us what the DGI costs are for the above, this is what we intend to place before the BoT.

Comments anyone?

PS: There was no appetite for funding an eGov workshop.  Members seemed most motivated by the profiles and interop testing.

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