[KI-LC] [BoT] A new Non-Assert Covenant to consider adopting

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+1, for various reasons.

On Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 6:47 AM, Brett McDowell <email at brettmcdowell.com>wrote:

> Many of you know that the Open Web Foundation has been working on a
> non-assert covenant IPR license for some time.  What you might not know is
> that I had spent some time working on it with them in the Spring.  As of
> today it is considered approved.  They have decided to label it version
> "0.9" to indicate it might change over time and they are open to enhancing
> it, but do not mistake that for "draft" or "tentative".  This license is
> final and there is no work underway to develop it any further at this time.
> What interesting about this license is that Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo!
> have clearly been the driving force behind it's development and each has
> committed to license specifications under this license.
> News & list of specs under OWFa:
> http://openwebfoundation.org/2009/11/introducing-the-open-web-foundation-agreement.html
> The agreement itself:
> http://openwebfoundation.org/legal/agreement/
> Talking points from OWF regarding the agreement:
> http://wiki.openwebfoundation.org/How_to_use_the_agreement
> I encourage the Board of Trustees to consider adding this to our IPR Policy
> as the first (and perhaps only) non-assert covenant in our menu of options.
> If you have questions about this license, I may be able to answer them on
> this week's call under "AOB" (assuming we get through the full agenda in
> time).
> P.S.
> If there are concerns with the license please let me know as I now (once
> again) serve on the Open Web Foundation Legal Affairs Committee.
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