[KI-LC] A new Non-Assert Covenant to consider adopting

Brett McDowell email at brettmcdowell.com
Tue Nov 17 16:47:33 EST 2009

Many of you know that the Open Web Foundation has been working on a non-assert covenant IPR license for some time.  What you might not know is that I had spent some time working on it with them in the Spring.  As of today it is considered approved.  They have decided to label it version "0.9" to indicate it might change over time and they are open to enhancing it, but do not mistake that for "draft" or "tentative".  This license is final and there is no work underway to develop it any further at this time.

What interesting about this license is that Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! have clearly been the driving force behind it's development and each has committed to license specifications under this license.

News & list of specs under OWFa:

The agreement itself:

Talking points from OWF regarding the agreement:

I encourage the Board of Trustees to consider adding this to our IPR Policy as the first (and perhaps only) non-assert covenant in our menu of options.

If you have questions about this license, I may be able to answer them on this week's call under "AOB" (assuming we get through the full agenda in time).

If there are concerns with the license please let me know as I now (once again) serve on the Open Web Foundation Legal Affairs Committee.

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