[KI-LC] LC call 11/11: TI WG wash up

Jose Luis Mariz jose.luis.mariz at ericsson.com
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I know Robin, it´s ok, I was just kidding as you gave me the chance and I could not resist


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Jose Luis - apologies... did not mean to exclude you from the specialist community! :^)


On Fri, 13 Nov 2009 13:47 +0100, "Jose Luis Mariz"
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> Being close to a telco specialist also sometimes, I would say that the 
> key identity issue for a telco is to identify any network "user" item 
> that that will run any sort of transaction through the network and 
> that will need to be identified for some sort of tracking with 
> different purposes.
> For humans and machines/objects in general for payment, the human 
> network bill is paid by him or by some associated entity and the 
> machine network bill is paid by some associated entity.
> For devices, typically in telco pointing to terminals as objects that 
> humans use for the network interaction, the identification and 
> tracking that is useful could be things like telco enriching services 
> through proper network configuration, through context and 
> personalisation information, could be things like fraud detection.. 
> etc
> So, adding a sentence in the charter, perhaps, stating that identity 
> of humans, legal entities (as they pay network bills) and objects in 
> general are adressed should be good enough, I think.
> BR./JL.
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