[KI-LC] Deadline for LC Meeting Topics at DIDW - July 31

Colin Wallis Colin.Wallis at dia.govt.nz
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I'd like to discuss how we approach R & D, testing, conformance etc in Kantara. 

This has implications for strategy (BoT) and Budgets.

We have people, servers, some code, some great ideas, (in labs, Message test suites, Conor's garage etc) but these are spread throughout the world.. I'm thinking we need to somehow leverage the stuff we have in some kind of virtual sharing, so that we can ensure that the work we do in these WG's and DG's ends up being concept-proven, tested and of real value at the delivery end.

Concordia is thinking about conformance for budgeting purposes already but I think it needs to be a Kantara - wide thing. Liberty's conformance program now run by DGI was what made Liberty truly valuable to both vendors and customers. I think that not only should the principle/strategy endure, but it should expand (in the most cost effective way we can).


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All -

Please let me know what you'd like to discuss at the Leadership Council
meeting being planned for September at DIDW.

We have a deadline for clarifying the proposed list of topics by July 31
(in order for informational materials being prepared).

We'll finalize the suggestions on the next call (July 29) and send the
topic list to Dervla.


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