[KI-LC] [BoT] Revised DRAFT: Policy for Joining Groups and Group Discussion Lists

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Thu Jul 2 09:25:59 PDT 2009


I had a conversation with Brett about this issue because I was not 
understanding the motivations for proposing this change. 

Based on that discussion, I understand the motivation for this change to 
be that: 

    * Staff will administer all Lists, but there is a valid concern that
      a requirement to have Staff moderate all Lists will be a
      significant burden on Staff resources.

    * We can configure each List so any email received from a
      non-Participant gets an auto-reply that says "You do not have
      permission to post to this List.  To do so, you must sign the
      Participation Agreement for this Group." (or something similar)

    * It may be helpful for the leadership of a Group to know (1) who
      joins and who leaves a list as an Observer, and (2) who attempts
      to post as an Observer.  As a result, you proposed that a member
      of the Group Leadership (Group secretary) be assigned moderator
      status in order to be able to track this.

Under the Kantara Initiative Bylaws, a Group is not required to have a 
secretary.  However, the Bylaws do state that when "a WG does not have a 
secretary it is the responsibility of the Chair to ensure that those 

Given the above, I believe the following changes will be sufficient to 
achieve what you are proposing:

   1. Reword the first bullet in Section (5) to read:
      * All Lists are administered by Staff and moderated by the
      secretary of the Group to which the List is associated.

   2. Delete the sixth bullet in section (5)
      * Group Lists are not moderated.


Joni Brennan wrote:
> Hi Roger,
> I have drafted the suggested addition below:
> Section 5
> * All Lists are administered and moderated by the Staff.  In addition 
> to the Staff moderator, each list will be moderated by the Secretary 
> officer responsible for that list's associated group.  The Secretary 
> moderator function provides an additional layer of operational 
> information to the officers of each group.
> Please feel free to word smith my suggestion as you may see fit.  
> Also, as an FYI to the group, we did find the bug causing Rogers edit 
> access woes and have resolved the issue.
> Cheers,
> Joni
> On Wed, Jul 1, 2009 at 11:30 AM, Roger Martin 
> <roger.martin at corp.aol.com <mailto:roger.martin at corp.aol.com>> wrote:
>     I have attached the revised draft of the "Policy for Joining
>     Groups and Group Discussion Lists" based on the discussions of the
>     past two days.  I still don't have edit permission on the wiki
>     page, but will post the new draft there when I do.
>     Additional Discussion:
>     1.  Joni posted a proposal to one officer from each WG and DG a a
>     moderator of any Lists associated with that WG or DG.  It's not
>     clear from the email discussion what the resolution of this
>     proposal is.  As a result I did not make any changes to the text. 
>     If we need to make that change, would someone please post the
>     specific text changes to be made?
>     2.  Are there any further edits needed before we move to adopt
>     this as a Kantara Initiative policy?
>        ...rogerM
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