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Hi Ranjan,

I'm not sure to have one standard way to finding things.
What we discussed in the group was a kind of "Google combined with p2p discovery" for things. This service might be operated by several companies/communities etc. like DNS.

Everything has relationships that describe things (e.g. is owned by Ingo, located in Berlin, run by DT, etc.) So you can find a communication endpoint for the thing itself.
The beauty of a  mechanisms like this is it works for all kind of protocols and all form of identifier.
On top of finding things we can establish mechanisms, to authenticate, to build trust etc.

Best Ingo

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Hey y'all,
Hope everyone is doing well. Just wanted to bounce a question which I'm consistently getting asked around Identity, IoT perspective. Is there any industry standard in place or in works which can be used as a common standard across multiple identities. What I mean by this is that humans have SSN as an identity while a thermostat may have serial number while a network device may have a Mac ID as their identity. So, while individually they all have their own identity standard, when in the IoT world, all these entities start interacting with each other, how do we translate one identity into another or how will one identity interact with another identity in a standards way?



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