[DG-IDoT] Notes from Friday call - ERM

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Hi ,

Few comments about Scott’s this Venn diagram:

-          I like it very much because it shows that Object IDM is not only an extension of user-IdM, it has to be addressed with new approaches

-          Currently there are three circles (device, person, organization). Are there more circles possible? I guess… but these three are a good starting point for the moment

-          To me these circles are rather bubbles (I don’t know how to draw this ;-)…because the connections e.g. btw. device and person might have different  flavors

My mobile phone (incl. its sensors) for example might be a  personal device ( I bought it private) or maybe its my personal device but paid by my company
infact the relationship btw. me and the personal device then is different

-          I think relationships play a central role in this discussion (see the NIST asset spec…Scott sent to the list)

Best Ingo

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Hi Scott,

Last Friday you introduced some ideas regarding Entity Relationship Modelling the Identities of Things.

Thank you very much – for your presentation. Ingo and me have the  ERM issue in our mind for a long time.

I think your ERM is a good starting point – as you show at slide 3 and 6

[cid:image001.png at 01CFB7A6.286D4E60]
A missing key indicator in the IoT ID landscape is the information in rhomb !

In an IoT example: a sensor – belongs, is owned, scales, ……- something

I think we need rather filled/stuffed/intelligent links between objects,  instead of poor SQL links .

I would like to start a discussion in our group  about  mechanism whereby  we can find an object based on the relationship. (rhomb in slide6)

Have a nice day – see you

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Viele Grüße / Best Regards
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My quick action items:

 *   Here's the link to join the Kantara SDO liaison subcommittee, to participate in the email list and access the review files on the wiki: http://signup.kantarainitiative.org/liaison-sub-committee/

 *   TSCP workshop: http://tscpworkshop.com/  I think we're participating in the "securing the supply chain" track
My longer term action items:

 *   Re-visit ITU-T's OID as an namespace model in light of XRI's capabilities

 *   Review SCAP's Asset Identification standard (and Common Platform Enumeration (CPE), Common Vulnerability Enumeration (CVE)) as namespace models

 *   Share Kantara's comments about identity proofing non-person entities from last year's comment process with the list.
Whew. Have a good weekend!
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